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Welcome to the original Cyprus Property Network. Many of you have been trying to find your dream home in Cyprus for a number of years now, will remember that this site has not changed it's look in over 20 years and may wonder why. The answer is both simple and complicated! Our customer feedback has indicated that there are many of you who want a simple to use, no frills tried and tested format where you can browse easily from house to house, by area, without complications, databases, flash or other improvements in technology. We decided to try and make all of the people happy all the time, so the solution for those of you who want the frills; please take a look at where we offer properties and services throughout Cyprus using a database system. We have developed a number of property specific sites to suit just about every taste and level of internet skill, see a list of them here. Those of you who prefer the simple approach, stay with us here and choose the type of property you want from the list below and enjoy the old fashioned approach. The properties we showcase here are gathered from a number of estate agents, realtors, development companies and private individuals who are selling their homes themselves as well as through our own parent agency. There are certain developers and agents we will not use, we will not endorse anyone we discover is 'at it' in any way and are also working on a 'what to avoid' section. The result is the Cyprus Property Network comprising of a number of sites in differing formats. We encourage your feedback, not only of your experience of the websites but also on how you found our service, whether a simple accompanied viewing or our full service including arranging your stay in Cyprus and all the peripherals that involves. Please let us know here so that we can improve.

If you are looking for a house, villa or apartment in Cyprus to buy or rent or if you have a property to sell, if you need holiday accommodation (self catering flat, apartment, villas or hotel), while you make an inspection trip (no we do not offer a free trip that is planted on the cost of your property) or wish to purchase or lease a hotel or business, want a retail shop, warehouse or factory or have land to buy or sell then just click on the reddish text below to follow our navigation system through the different categories and and properties in Cyprus and elsewhere.

The Cyprus Property Network covers all areas of Southern Cyprus (The Republic of Cyprus) including Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, (Pafos), Protaras, Paralimni, Polis, Pomos, Nicosia and all areas of the Troodos mountains. We do not sell property or land in Northern Cyprus - Please beware when looking to purchase property there as the land is still under dispute, quite apart from the moral questionability of such an purchase.

To See the old rules about buying property in Cyprus, Property buyers click here.


We are happy to answer your general questions about property so if you wish to ask specific questions about a property you have seen here, please send us an e mail.

If you are looking for a short term holiday villa or apartment rental in Cyprus

 Cyprus Villas for your holiday accommodation in Cyprus - swimming pools - views, peace and quiet

Now on to the property purchase, sales and rentals

We have the following sections for property in Cyprus. Click on the light blue text.

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We hope that you will find what you want. If you don't find the property you are looking for please fill in our online property in Cyprus wanted form at A Window on Cyprus, and we will try to find what you are looking for. If you are considering buying a villa or apartment for investment purposes or for holidays yourself and you wish to then rent it out, please consider our sister sites  and

The property market in Cyprus is a flourishing one, but buying a property as a foreigner can be especially fraught with dangers. It needn't be as long as you know what to avoid, and so this site was born. In those days, (Pre 2006) being British was classed the same as being an alien, recently things have changed dramatically and joining Europe has put a whole new light on things.

Title deeds have been a scandalous problem in the past, but as long as you are aware that you need them and make sure that they are available before parting with any money you should be O.K.

Property in the countryside, or older properties should also be investigated thoroughly to make sure that all the owners (there can be as many as up to 20) agree to sell. If you buy only part of a property but are the major shareholder, you can force an auction of the whole thing, but be prepared to pay the full value, or sell your share.

Trees can be something else to check about. Trees can be owned by a number of people who do not even own the land, so if you are purchasing a piece of land which has olive, carob, citrus or any other valuable trees on it, make sure that they come with the property or can be bought separately at the same time as you buy the property.

Speaking of which , you used to need need permission from the Council of Ministers to buy a property in Cyprus, it was normally just a formality but can take a bit of time. Now that we are in Europe, if you qualify as a European citizen you can now avoid that interesting dance.

     Please contact us here if you wish to advertise a property for sale or lease with us, fill in the advertise here online form if you have a property in Cyprus to rent, lease, sell, give away or generally dispose of.

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