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Transferring funds abroad can be a costly business, with bank charges, commission fees, exchange rate fluctuation and much more.

In our experience the banks make not only from both ends, but from the middle as well. We have a solution which will enable you to use your money for the purpose of buying your house at the price specified,
not 2 or 3% more because of bank and transfer charges.

We have watched this company for some time to make sure that they are not a ' fly by night outfit' and actually deliver what they promise.

Sterling Exchange pride themselves on providing superior rates and personal after care service, even free transfers.

They offer excellent guidance on the volatility on the currency market and even hold the rates static for up to two years. They will also be happy to purchase currency once it reaches a certain rate you specify. Once you make contact, you will be assigned your own personal currency planner who will manage your requirement throughout your transaction.

We will be happy to provide references from satisfied customers who have used their services. If any of you ever have a reason top complain, we want to hear about it as we only endorse services and agents who live up to our expectations of them.

A simple explanation of how it works

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Foreign Currency Exchanges

These are the most popular currency conversions.

American Dollar - $ - United States of America - USA

 - Dollar

European Euro - Ecu - Europe

 - Euro

Australian Dollar $Au - Australia

 - Dollar

Canadian Dollar $Ca - Canada

 - Dollar

Danish Kronner - Denmark

 - Krone

Hong Kong Dollar $Hk - Hong Kong

 - Dollar

Japanese Yen  - Japan

 - Yen

New Zealand Dollar -$Nz - New Zealand

 - Dollar

Norwegian Kronner - Norway 

 - Krone

South African Rand - South Africa

 - Rand

Cypriot Pound - Cyprus

 - Pound

Swedish Kronnen - Sweden

 - Krone

Swiss Franc - Switzerland  - Franc

Maltese Lira - Malta

 - Lira
United Arab Emirates Dhiram - UAE  - Dirham


  How it works in Simple terms.

I decide today to transfer for the sake of argument 10,000 ten thousand sterling pounds to Cyprus

I contact Easy Banking and enter into a contract to buy Cyprus pounds.

I then transfer the money to an Escrow account, as soon as it arrives there, by whichever mode I send it (which may be internet transfer, cheque, bankers draft or whichever method I find most convenient and cost effective, the currency is then wired to an account in Cyprus. If you do not have an account in Cyprus, one can either be set up for you or you may draw on a holding account operated in the equivalent currency.

In real terms

If today's rate is 84.10 with sterlingfutures it is transferred with no commission, the bank charges 6% it is also transferred to the country, namely Cyprus in this instance, with no charges where the bank is either a min 20 swift or chaps payment + charges at both ends. so with sterlingfutures you get C8410 but with the bank you would get only C8349.60.

So if you were buying a house for C220,000 you will save at least 1350, that's worth it we think!

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