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Detached House in Larnaca, Cyprus.


This is a spacious 3 bedroom house situated in the Ayios Anarghyrous area of Larnaca. The plot size is 37' x 85'.  

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Living Areas

A large staircase leads from the bedrooms to a TV room measuring 12' x 12' this then leads into the The living room at 19.5' x 13' this in turn is joined to the breakfast room 13' x 13' and then the kitchen at 12.5' x 12'. There is a utility room leading from the kitchen.

The house is centrally heated. There is a  separate section built at the back of the garden which is a garage and  a stock room 
( 17' x 15' )

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1. 16,5' x 18'
2. 15.5' x 12'
   3. 12.5' x 12.5'

Large bathroom 11' x 9' with a separate shower section.
Connected to all the bedrooms are wide verandas.

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The fully fitted kitchen is spacious and easy to work in.

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